There is a real power to working as a group. You can receive what are known as ‘borrowed benefits’ whilst tapping in an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) group even when the focus is on someone else, so it’s a win-win situation.

I run some shorter workshops that are a great introductions to the powers of EFT and Colour Mirrors and also some longer ones that allow us to get deeper.

I have previously collaborated with other therapists in workshops and am currently planning some exciting future collaborations.
I am also available to run bespoke workshops for your workplace or organisation. Please get in contact to discuss your workshop needs.

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What people have said about my workshops

‘The EFT course I am attending it’s truly great. Not only am I learning a new skill, but the course is friendly and enjoyable. I always leave 100% better than when I arrive, we are always encouraged to participate and give our opinions. I am so pleased to be using EFT and I’m finding it really helpful on all sorts of problems.’



“I attended this wonderful course run by Shirley Archibald and found it very interesting and beneficial. I continue to use the EFT technique whenever I feel anxious and/or stressed. I find it especially beneficial if I can’t get to sleep at night. Shirley is a skilful facilitator and has a very kind and calming influence; I always felt relaxed in the sessions and able to express feelings etc in a comfortable environment. When asked, she also introduced us to Colour Mirrors therapy, which was not part of the course but also intriguing. I would highly recommend Shirley’s courses.”


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