What to expect from an EFT session?

To make the first session flow easier I will send out a client consultation form for you to fill in and return to me beforehand.
The initial session is 90 mins which gives us time to explore what you’d like to work on in depth.

Firstly, I will answer any questions about EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting. Then I will show you the tapping points.
After that we will discuss what you’d like from the session in more detail.

Finally we will tap on any of the issues that have come up during the session.

EFT does involve some talking but tapping is mainly about tuning into the energy you feel within your body and giving it a colour, shape and emotion. This process brings up memories of where a feeling or behaviour started and we can then work on clearing it and creating positive beliefs.

For Matrix Reimprinting and EFT I offer blocks of 3 or 5 sessions because although many people will feel immediate benefits, most issues require more than one session.

It’s difficult to predict how many sessions a client will need. Most of my clients need 3-4 sessions to resolve their problems but if a client has a long-term problem like depression for instance, this can take significantly longer.

During and after the session, it is best to drink plenty of water. I encourage you to do some tapping in between sessions so that you can learn the tapping points and also achieve your goals quicker. I am also available via email between the sessions to answer any questions and welcome any feedback and thoughts.

Any questions? Give me a call on 07866 439441 or email me on shirleyeft@gmail.com to book your free 30 min discovery call

What to expect from a Colour Mirrors session

“The Colour Mirrors session was a really great and was a very supportive experience all the way through. During the session, Shirley very gently supported me, asking me if I needed Colour Mirrors bottles and arranged them how I wanted them to be. This session was very complete and really gave me a good perspective of where I am at the moment and where I am heading. Shirley’s gentle presence beautifully held the space for me to dive deeper and find the hidden treasures.
I am so very grateful.”



Colour Mirrors is an organic process. Unlike EFT I do one-off 60 minute sessions.
At the start of the session you can tell me what you’d like to work on. Often people wish to gain clarity about an area of their lives.
I will give you some options such as a dynamic session where you start by choosing a bottle and take it from there. I also do Chakra sessions or use the bottles to explore difficult relationships.
I cannot give you an exact idea of what would happen in the session because everyone is different but here are some testimonials from past clients.

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