“When I went to see Shirley for a tapping session, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I hoped it would be in some way beneficial. I was totally blown away. Right away she had me uncovering deep and forgotten emotional blockages. Whilst the experience was, well, emotional. A great sense of calmness has prevailed over me since. Shirley is kind and compassionate – a safe pair of hands. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. In fact, I’m now booking in for a six week course!”



Do you feel stuck in your life?

Does anxiety stop you doing things that you love?

Would you like to be able to express yourself fully and authentically?

Would you like to find more joy in your life?

Often we go through life repeating the same negative patterns that stop us from achieving our goals or dreams.  By working with you we can go back to where these limiting beliefs originated and clear and transform them.   When we change these beliefs our lives start to flow and we are able to move forward.

During the sessions, you can explore who you want to be and experience positive transformation and relaxation.  After the sessions, clients frequently notice a change in their perspective that has a positive effect on how they operate in their present lives.  The sessions are often creative, inspiring, fun, spiritual and relaxing.

Would you like to step into the person you know you are?


A free 30 min discovery call. Here I will explain how I work, find out about you, answer any questions and discuss any issues you have.

Shirley Archibald

Advanced EFT Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner

Colour Mirrors Practitioner

I am based in Brighton/Hove, Sussex.
I do one-to-one sessions, Skype sessions, Workshops.

‘As I had great anxiety about sea-sickness it was suggested that I have tapping sessions with Shirley. I enjoyed my first session and felt it was definitely starting to help me overcome my anxiety and put things into perspective.
I then had a third session. To my amazement I no longer think constantly about my sea-sickness and feel very positive about getting on a yacht again which wasn’t the case beforehand. Shirley is a lovely person who inspires confidence and with whom I felt totally at ease. If I have any further anxiety about anything I shall not hesitate to call Shirley to go and see her or talk via Skype if I am not in the area.



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