We are constantly surrounded by colour, and it subconsciously, influences our every waking moment.  It can be found in nature as a signal: e.g. to signal danger, to entice or to attract the opposite sex.  In society we use colour as signals – from traffic lights to brake lights.  Colour works in a subliminal way and this is well known to advertisers and big businesses who consciously use the power of colour to sell. Particular colours have even been patented due to their success. Colour Mirrors harnesses that subliminal effect of colour and uses it for healing purposes.

Colour Mirrors was created by Melissie Jolly in 2001 in South Africa.  There are 87 oil bottles and 34 spritzers essence bottles.  Each bottle has it’s own meaning or vibration.  The bottles reflect how we are feeling, where we are at and our potential.  When we work with colour we able to access our subconscious patterns. Colour mirrors can point to why we are feeling a particular way and offer alternatives.  It is a good way of physically seeing how to work out a problem.  It can be used for all kinds of issues and gives us insight into our emotions, our health, our blocks and our potential and who we truly are.

Colour Mirrors oil bottles are made individually in South Africa by the founder Mellissie Jolly.  They are made with Avocado oils and natural vegetable dyes and are organic.  The bottom fraction of each bottle (water) indicates the patterns that lie in the subconscious and the top fraction (oil) is what we are conscious of.  You can meditate with them or/and bathe with them.  The information that the coloured oil/water holds can then enter the body and help the body feel safe while changes are being made. They cost £33 (plus p+p).

The Spritzer Essence bottles are also made with organic vegetable dyes and essences.  They are good for swiftly moving stuck energy and providing loving support for physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  They cost £33 (plus p+p)



“I didn’t know what to expect but was having a very good feeling before the Skype session.

It really was a great and very supportive experience for me from the very beginning till the end. How Shirley was very gently supporting me and asking me if I need another Colour Mirrors bottle and how to arrange them in space. This session was very complete and really gave me good perspective of where I am at the moment and where I am heading.

Shirley’s gentle presence so beautifully was holding the space for me to dive deeper and find the hidden treasures.

So very grateful I am.”

Silvina, Bulgaria

‘I really enjoyed my colours session with Shirley. It’s fascinating what came up! Shirley is brilliant, kind and compassionate. Her lovely gentle nature comes across in her work and I felt much clearer and calmer after the session.’

Jemima Eames, Chicester