How I got here:


I worked as a TV Video Editor for 10 years in Edinburgh and Rome but I put my career on hold when I had my first baby, vowing to get my career back within a year.

The stresses of being an overwhelmed, first-time mum with little support, the death of my mother and other traumatic events from my childhood changed me from being a successful TV professional into someone full of anxiety and doubt.

I am actually very grateful for feeling so bad as it forced me to change my life positively and meant that I discovered EFT.  At that time I felt literally stuck and my energy levels were rock bottom.

I tried counselling and homeopathy which helped very much but when I tried out EFT/Matrix Reimprinting I finally broke the negative cycle that had been weighing me down and I haven’t looked back.

Having experienced firsthand how powerful a technique it was, I decided to train in EFT/Matrix Reimprinting (with Master trainer Karl Dawson) and decided to become a Practitioner as I wanted to know more about this amazing technique and felt I wanted to share it.  I feel passionately about helping other people who may be experiencing similar problems and help them shift negative patterns and experience the inner calm I now feel.


‘I have had what can only be called the honour of working with Shirley over the last few months.  I have found Shirley, to be sensitive, knowledgable and has an innate wisdom when it comes to directing our sessions.  I’ve had amazing clarity arise from all of our sessions that have become a pleasure now more than a need.  I can highly recommend Shirley for anyone seeking clarity and an empathetic ear.’

Victoria, Shropshire

‘Shirley is absolutely wonderful, she really listened to and understood my issues and patiently helped me work through them.  She is lovely to talk to and makes everything clear and easy to understand and remember. I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering from emotional issues, with Shirley’s help you really don’t need to let them hold you back any more’.

Naomi, Worcester


New York Empire Radio Interview with Shirley, Sep 2017: