Do you feel that you’re not recognised in your career, your boss ignores you and you never get promoted?

Relationships don’t work and you’re destined to be single?

You feel invisible in your family?

You’ve got what it takes to be a success as a writer or an artist but there’s always something holding you back?

You want to shine in social situations but you keep repeating the same self-defeating patterns?

These are what I call an advancement blocks.  Do you think this is all you can be?  I can help you to move through your blocks and help you to realise your full potential.


Often we go through life repeating the same negative patterns that stop us from achieving our goals or dreams.  By working with you whilst using Matrix Reimprinting we can go back to where these limiting beliefs originated and clear and transform them.  By doing this we can clear the root that is often set up pre-6 years old.  At this early age we are in a hypnotic state and download information into our subconscious indiscriminately, therefore even a small event can be perceived as being traumatic and can have a large effect on our lives.  For instance the impact of a teacher telling us off for not understanding something at 5 years old could produce the belief ‘I am stupid’  and no matter how many degrees we get we still feel stupid throughout our lives and hence never progress.  When we change these beliefs our lives start to flow and we are able to move forward.

I am an intuitive, empathetic practitioner and create a safe, real space to experience transformation and relaxation.  After the sessions, clients frequently notice a change in their perspective that has a positive effect on how they operate in their present lives.  The sessions are often creative, inspiring, fun, spiritual and relaxing.

Would you like to step into the person you know you are? Book a consultation here and make your dreams a reality.

Once you have learnt this simple technique you will be able to work on yourself, and enhance any work we are doing in the comfort of your home, quickly and easily.

I specialise in creating strategies for dealing with people who feel stuck and want to move forward in their lives.  I work with people with advancement blocks, who are stuck in some way and enjoy helping people dissolve these blocks and move closer to their goals and dreams.  Sometimes these blocks are anxiety, procrastination, depression or grief.


Click here for my article in ABC Magazine Sussex, about how EFT can help stressed mums and families.

Shirley Archibald

Advanced EFT Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner

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I really enjoyed the recent EFT/Matrix reimprinting sessions with you.  This is a really powerful process and you can feel the energy shift as you are doing it.  It completely removed a particular block that I had.  I was hoping that it would bring me back to where I was before the problem started but in fact things have improved beyond that.  I would definitely recommend this and what is more I now have a great tool to use going forward. Thank you Shirley!

Beverley, Worthing

Just a few lines Shirley to say thank you so much for the wonderful EFT/Matrix sessions so far.   I immediately felt very relaxed and comfortable with you, which have helped the sessions to flow really nicely.  I understand now so much more about my issues that things that have previously been problematic in my life cease to trouble me.  I look forward to continuing to unravel the remaining ‘knots’!

Sophie, Suffolk